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Cellulite Treatment

It is an alteration of the cutaneous and subcutaneous tissue that gives the face an orange peel look. It is produced by the association of three fundamental factors:




The problem of CELLULITE is not only aesthetic, but also affects the health of the skin. It occurs most often on the buttocks, abdomen, knees and thighs.

Who is affected by cellulite?

Both obese and thin people. Women are the most affected, since one of the factors involved in the appearance of cellulite is the hormonal influence. The female hormonal system is much more complex than that of men, since it is subject to cycles that lead to inevitable vascular disorders. Around 85% of women suffer from CELLULITE to a greater or lesser degree.

How is cellulite formed?

It usually originates from a deficiency in the blood microcirculation, which causes that the waste elements, fruit of the cellular activity cannot be eliminated by the habitual mechanisms and consequently they accumulate in the skin. These elements of waste, together with the water that the defective capillaries let out, make the fundamental substance more and more dense. At the same time, nutrients continue to reach the cells and fat accumulates in the adipocytes. Gradually producing an increase in the size of these and exerting more pressure in the area.

It goes on creating networks that trap groups of adipocytes inside forming micronodules and macronodules that invade the dermis giving rise to the dreaded orange peel that worries women so much.

Why does cellulite form?

There are many factors involved in the cellulite process. Some are easily controllable because they affect habits or customs. However, there are others that have a totally physiological nature. The deficient microcirculation is the most frequent cause and the most important in the appearance of CELLULITE. Hormonal influence, the appearance and development of CELLULITE is closely linked to hormonal changes that occur in the life of women. Especially in today’s woman who is so committed to the environment that she must fight through excessive work that causes stress.

Genetic inheritance?

Although it is not inherited, several factors predispose its appearance: sedentarism, lack of exercise, unbalanced or excessive diet, coffee, alcohol, tobacco and certain medications, and psychic factors such as stress, anxiety and anguish.

We treat cellulite with:





– Subcision



Flaccidity is caused by the deterioration of the elastin and collagen fibers of the dermis, which are responsible for maintaining the firmness and elasticity of the skin. The unsightly effect can be worsened by the loss of muscle tone, a phenomenon that is associated with age, usually begins to become evident between the ages of 30 and 35, and becomes more pronounced around 40.

This is the usual type of flaccidity associated with age that occurs in all women. A particular case is that which occurs when a large decrease in body weight is added.

We treat flaccidity with:

– Muscular Contractors (Russian Waves)




Localized adiposity

Localized adiposity is the accumulation of fatty tissue, in small amounts, in areas of the body that cause alterations in body contour. It is due to the accumulation of brown fat, which is rebellious to decrease with physical activity. They are usually located in the abdomen (“lifejacket or rolls”), on the sides of the legs (“riding trousers”), shoulder and back of the arms, inner side of the knees, etc. This localized adiposity leads to the loss of aesthetic body lines, to recover them we offer several types of combined non-surgical treatments for each patient.

Different treatment options are proposed:

– MELA (mini-lipo)

– Phosphatidylcholine injections

– Lipolytic mesotherapy

– Ultracavitation

– Radiofrequency


Due to the natural aging process, tissue ruptures deep within the skin and wrinkles appear. Over time the skin loses elasticity and the dermis becomes thinner.

There are factors that favor the appearance of wrinkles, such as common facial expressions (leading to furrows around the mouth, eyes and forehead), smoking, permanent exposure to the sun, dehydration or poor nutrition that does not provide the skin with the vitamins and minerals it needs.

We treat wrinkles with:

Plasma rich in platelets

Facial implants

– Antiage masks with antioxidants

– Chemical Peel

– Mesotherapy

Facial Spots

Melasma is the name given to the dark brown facial spots that appear on the face of both men and women.

The cause of melasma is basically due to two factors:

– Ultraviolet rays and visible light

– hormonal changes (such as pregnancy or birth control pills)

Of these two factors, the most frequent and perhaps the most important is ultraviolet radiation.

The main source of ultraviolet radiation is the sun, so skin care should be aimed at protecting against it. Ultraviolet radiation has a special behaviour that needs to be known. First, it is little filtered by the clouds, so that if the day is cloudy or temporary, ultraviolet radiation passes through the clouds, almost as if they did not exist. Second, ultraviolet radiation passes through glass and curtains in the same way. Third, ultraviolet radiation is also emitted by spotlights, candles (white light), televisions and computer monitors. For these reasons the protection must be practically permanent.

We treat facial spots with:

– Chemical Peel

– Mesotherapy depigmenters

– Depigmenting creams


La flaccidez se produce por el deterioro de las fibras de elastina y colágeno de la dermis, que son las responsables de mantener la firmeza y elasticidad de la piel. El efecto antiestético puede ser empeorado por la pérdida del tono muscular.Es un fenómeno que se asocia con la edad, suele comenzar a hacerse evidente entre los 30 y 35 años, y se hace más pronunciado hacia los 40.

Este es el tipo de flaccidez habitual, asociada con la edad y que se da en todas las mujeres. Un caso particular es el que se produce cuando se agrega una gran disminución del peso corporal.

Tratamos la flaccidez con:
– Contractores musculares (Ondas rusas)
– Mesoterapia
– Radiofrecuencia

Adiposidad localizada

Se llama adiposidad localizada a la acumulación de tejido graso, en pequeñas cantidades, en zonas del cuerpo que provocan alteraciones del contorno corporal. Se debe a la acumulación de grasa parda, que es rebelde a la disminución con la actividad física. Habitualmente se localizan en el abdomen (“salvavidas o rollitos”), a los costados de las piernas (“pantalón de montar”), hombro y cara posterior de los brazo, cara interna de rodillas, etc. Esta adiposidad localizada lleva a la pérdida de las líneas estéticas corporales, para recuperarlas nosotros ofrecemos varios tipos de tratamientos no quirúrgicos combinados para cada paciente.

Se propondrán distintas opciones para su tratamiento:
– Hidrolipoclasia ultrasónica
– Inyecciones con fosfatidilcolina
– Mesoterapia lipolítica
– Ultracavitación
– Radiofrecuencia

Las arrugas

Debido al proceso natural de envejecimiento, se produce una ruptura del tejido en profundidad de la piel y aparecen las arrugas. Con el paso del tiempo la piel pierde elasticidad y la dermis se vuelve más fina.

Hay factores que favorecen la aparición de las arrugas, como las expresiones faciales habituales (dando lugar a surcos alrededor de la boca, los ojos y en la frente), el tabaco, la exposición permamente al sol, la deshidratación o una alimentación deficiente que no proporcione a la piel las vitaminas y minerales que necesita.

Tratamos las arrugas con:
– Mascaras antiage con antioxidantes
– Peeling quimico
– Mesoterapia
– Plasma rico en plaquetas
– Implantes faciales.

Manchas faciales

Se conoce con el nombre de melasma a las manchas faciales de color café oscuro que aparecen en la cara tanto del hombre como de la mujer.

La causa del melasma se debe basicamente a dos factores:
– Los rayos ultravioleta y la luz visible
– Cambios hormonales (como es por ejemplo: el embarazo o las pastillas anticonceptivas).

De estos dos factores el más frecuente y quizá el más importante es la radiación ultravioleta.

La fuente principal de radiación ultravioleta es el sol, por lo tanto los cuidados de la piel deben de ir dirigidos a protegerse de este. La radiación ultravioleta tiene un comportamiento especial que es necesario conocer. Primero, es poco filtrada por las nubes, de tal manera que si el día está nublado o hay temporal, la radiación ultravioleta traspasa las nubes, casi como que si estas no existieran. Segundo, la radiación ultravioleta pasa de igual forma el vidrio y las cortinas. Tercero, la radiación ultravioleta, es también emitida por los focos, las candelas (de luz blanca), el televisor y los monitores de computadoras. Por estas razones la protección debe de ser prácticamente permanente.

Tratamos las manchas faciales con:
– Peeling quimico
– Mesoterapia despigmentantes
– Cremas despigmentantes